Eyestone Elementary School

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The CASTT program will give students the opportunity to serve as mentors and leaders throughout the school while offering support to staff and students. CASTT Members will be called upon whenever a teacher is in need of a CASTT member in their room. Team members will be asked to deal with academics through mentoring to aid students in other grade level classrooms with classroom and homework studies. CASTT Members work with students on a one-on-one basis as the classroom teacher feels appropriate. Along with team members aiding in academics, some CASTT members will be asked to become Student Trainers. As part of this special section of the CASTT team, members will be asked to help students who need some “Learning Readiness” exercise to get their brain operating at its top cognitive ability. Studies show that providing more time for physical activity can lead to increased academic test scores. The CASTT Program is a leadership and mentoring program that can be found in very few PSD schools. This program provides the opportunity for CASTT Members to develop leadership skills and explore future career choices. CASTT Members will help improve behavior throughout our school by utilizing alternative physical activities. All the while, Eyestone students gain confidence and success in their educational experiences.

CASTT began at Eyestone Elementary in February, 2011 with only 20 members. In 2015, it grew to 100 members who provided 4,225 hours of service between September 2015 through May 2016. They have provided social/ emotional/ friends support; math, reading and writing; extra support in morning routines, extra recesses and and help in the computer labs. We have often turned to our CASTT members to help with behavior support for many o our younger grade levels. All the while, CASTT members have had to maintain their own responsibilities in the classroom, set the example from the morning bus to the afternoon (in class, in the halls, in the cafeteria and on the playground) and had to make contact with classroom teachers when they forget to go or had other reasons for missing their calls.

CASTT members