Welcome to the Wonderful Magical World of Music!

"My intention in music class is to offer students a foundational place to learn, develop skills, express and grow in a safe and supportive environment that fosters kindness, play, curiosity, confidence and opportunities to take chances."

- Ms. Habenicht

Second Grade Folk Dancing 4th and 5th Grade Choir 5th Grade Ukelelis

Music Rainbow

Bucket Drums 4th Grade Recorders


Guided by State standards, the curriculum offers K-5 students opportunities to sing, play instruments, dance, compose, improvise, read, perform, listen and reflect. These activities offer students experiences to build their skills while both working together and independently. World cultures are interwoven throughout the program, and students are given opportunities to explore how music connects to other areas of learning. They are also given chances to use music as a tool to reflect upon their own life experiences.


All K-5 students come to music once a week and learn to play Orff and other percussion instruments. In 4th grade students are taught recorder while 5th graders are given more focus on the Ukulele. Little Kids Rock is subtly integrated throughout the curriculum guided by student interest and enthusiasm.  All grades are given opportunities to perform either in class or in school performances. 

Other Musical Opportunities:

Before and after school music clubs include 4th/5th Grade Cougar Choir, and 4th/5th Grade Cougar Rockers (A Little Kids Rock Modern Band). 


Honor Choir:

Each year students from each PSD Elementary school are selected to be a part of the District Honor Choir.  Interested Eyestone 5th grade choir members are auditioned to represent Eyestone in this District-wide event, 4-5 students are selected each year.