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Class Placement Parent Input Forms

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Saturday, May 05th, 2018

We will soon begin work on creating class rosters for the next school year.  At Eyestone, final placement decisions are made by the principal, utilizing input gathered from teachers and parents, criteria used to balance classes in terms of gender, academic achievement levels, etc., and with consideration for the effective delivery of student services, such as ELL and Special Education.  Final class lists are released to parents and students later in the summer following registration.  This allows time to revise rosters to address any changes in student enrollment and/or teaching staff that will occur during the summer months.

Voluntary parent input can be provided through Class Placement Input forms.  You may obtain one of these forms by coming in to the office to pick one up or by sending a written request for an input form to your child’s teacher via note or email.  We will also post a copy of the form on our web site that you can print and send in.  To guarantee consideration of this input, forms will need to be returned to Eyestone by Monday, April 16.

I should stress two important points about these input forms:

  • Submitting one is completely optional – we will strive to make the best placement possible for your child, with or without a form.
  • These forms are not a means to request a specific teacher, but to provide us with information about your child that will assist us in making the best placement.  We cannot honor any direct requests for a specific teacher since, in fairness, we would need to honor all such requests.  Honoring all such requests would prevent us from creating the balanced classes and delivery support systems that will maximize learning opportunities for all of our students.  Also, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a particular teacher will even be teaching at a given grade level due to enrollment and staffing reductions/fluctuations and/or other personnel movement.

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