Eyestone Elementary School

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School Accountability

The Eyestone School Accountability Committee (ESAC) meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm (check the school calendar for details).  Eyestone parents are always welcome to attend any meeting. We are always looking for new members for the committee, and schedule our meeting times based on the needs of the current group.  If you would like to be a part of ESAC, contact a member for more information and meeting times that your schedule could accommodate.

Functions of the SAC include:

  • Input and recommendations for the School Improvement Plan (student growth and achievement)
  • Review progress toward achievement and growth goals and provide feedback and recommendations
  • School budget review and input
  • Review and provide input on school policies
  • Other issues pertinent to the direction of the school and school community

Look under the Documents tab to find items related to SAC work, including some school policies, meeting minutes, etc.

Current Membership:

Teacher                                        Tammy Warren                          twarren@psdschools.org

Teacher                                        Kelly Matsuda                           kmatsuda@psdschools.org

Paraprofessional                          Carly Cooley                             ccooley@psdschools.org

Principal                                       Kristin Broadbelt                       kbroadbelt@psdschools.org

Parent                                          JoVonne French                       Jovonnef@psdschools.org

Parent                                          Laura Phillips                            bamalaura@gmail.com

Parent                                          Janelle Williams                        williamskenjen@gmail.com


We are currently in need of a community member for our SAC!  If you would like to participate in this role or know of a great candidate, please contact any member of the committee.