Amy Hayes

Third Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Amy Hayes and I teach third grade. This is my 30th year at Eyestone. I have taught first and second grade and have been so fortunate to have been able to spend my entire teaching career here at Eyestone. I have seen many changes over the past several years but the one that is most impactful is the growth of the community. People have found out that Wellington is a wonderful place to raise children and the school is filled with the most knowledgeable, dedicated, caring teachers in the district. It has been a blessing to have been able to grow with the community as well.

I have two lovely adult daughters who also went to Eyestone in their elementary years. Alyssa, has a Masters in Social Work and lives in Port Angeles, Washington and is a Designated Crisis Responder for Peninsula Behavioral Health. Whitney, lives in Fort Collins and is an RN. She is working toward her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

I spend most of my free time with my best friend, Kirk Barker. We enjoy going to concerts, sporting events (especially the Rockies) and going on adventures to new places. I truly love my life and especially teaching at Eyestone. I am now getting the children of students I have had in the past, the next generation. Nothing compares to the smiles and hugs shared every day and the glow of a child’s face when they learn something new!