Fifth Grade

Hello future middle school students - we are glad you are here!  As your Fifth Grade team our primary goal is to prepare you for your transition to the next phase of your academic career.  Together we will work  on developing social, emotional and academic strengths to launch you to Sixth Grade.  This is an exciting year for you and we are excited to be part of your journey!  To start you on the middle school path we have adopted a "block" schedule for your days:

  • HOMEROOM - Meet Up, Buddy Up

  • Specials (art, music, science, physical education, media/technology, social emotional learning)

  • Block 1

  • Recess

  • Block 2

  • Recess/Lunch

  • HOMEROOM - Read Aloud

  • Block 3

  • HOMEROOM - Dismissal 

2019-20 5th Grade Team