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Tom Torres

Media & Tech Instructor

Hello, I am Tom Torres:

After high school I joined the Army. I learned a lot about discipline and the importance of hard work. I trained in Fort Benning, Georgia and was an infantry soldier. We repelled out of Blackhawk helicopters, drove Hummers and fired 50 caliber machine guns.  While going to college, I volunteered to work with the Boy Scouts and loved helping the kids work on

their sports, camping, and leadership merit badges.  That is when I learned that I would enjoy working with kids and I changed my study major to Elementary Education.  I completed a BS degree in Education at Drexel University in 2003 and went on to earn my Master’s degree in Leadership for Education in 2007 at CSU.

I’ve been employed as a teacher in 3 school districts. From 2003-2005 I worked as a 5th grade teacher at Mathematics Civics & Sciences Charter School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From 2005-2006 I worked as a 2nd grade teacher in the Thompson School District in Loveland and from 2005-2019 I have worked as a night custodian, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 5th grade teacher in the Poudre School District.

I am married and have 5 kids. 1 of them lives with their mom in Hawaii, 1 of them goes to college in Utah, and 3 of them live here with us in Wellington.  They are currently going to PHS.

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