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Staff Directory

Staff Name Role E-Mail
Arnberg, Mary Registrar marnberg@psdschools.org
Austin, Katelynn Preschool Teacher kaustin@psdschools.org
Bailey, Lisa Art Teacher lbailey@psdschools.org
Beard, Jaineen Paraprofessional jbeard@psdschools.org
Blackett, Cassie Office Manager cblackett@psdschools.org
Bonaccorsi, Katie First Grade Teacher kbonaccorsi@psdschools.org
Bonham, Karol Paraprofessional kbonham@psdschools.org
Broadbelt, Kristin Principal kbroadbelt@psdschools.org
Brown, Katherine Second Grade Teacher katherib@psdschools.org
Campanella, Mario Onsite Substitute mcampanella@psdschools.org
Cheramy, Katelynn Kindergarten Teacher kcheramy@psdschools.org
Coy, Mandy Kindergarten Teacher mcoy@psdschools.org
Cromer, Erica First Grade Teacher ecromer@psdschools.org
Crooks, Mette Paraprofessional mettec@psdschools.org
Dachel, Lisa First Grade Teacher ldachel@psdschools.org
de Moya, Abigail Fifth Grade Teacher ademoya@psdschools.org
Doty, Erika Media Specialist edoty@psdschools.org
Dude, Susie Counselor sdude@psdschools.org
Dvorak, Nicolle Fourth Grade Teacher ndvorak@psdschools.org
Elmshaeuser, Whitney Integrated Services welmshaeuser@psdschools.org
Fetzer, Sandra Physical Education Teacher sfetzer@psdschools.org
Fuller, Deanna Preschool Teacher deannaf@psdschools.org
Garland, Jill Preschool Teacher jgarland@psdschools.org
Glaze, Mary Preschool Teacher mglaze@psdschools.org
Gonzalez, Bea Paraprofessional bgonzalez@psdschools.org
Habenicht, Gitali (Tania) Music Teacher thabenicht@psdschools.org
Haines, Payton Fourth Grade Teacher phaines@psdschools.org
Hall, Katrina Onsite Substitute khall@psdschools.org
Hearnsberger, Austin Paraprofessional ahearnsberger@psdschools.org
Hendrix, Christy Second Grade Teacher chendrix@psdschools.org
Hilgenberg, Nancy Paraprofessional nhilgenberg@psdschools.org
Johnson, Carolina Third Grade Teacher acjohnson@psdschools.org
Kaplanides, Charlie Health Tech ckaplanides@psdschools.org
Kinsella, Emma First Grade Teacher ekinsella@psdschools.org
Kirchhoff, Betsey Kindergarten Teacher bkirchhoff@psdschools.org
Knutson, Kristin Preschool Teacher kknutson@psdschools.org
Lamb, Shannon Fifth Grade Teacher slamb@psdschools.org
Luze, Dawn McKinney Vento Family Advocate dluze@psdschools.org
MacLeod, Emma Second Grade Teacher emacleod@psdschools.org
Maggio-Huber, Lorrie Media Specialist lmaggiohuber@psdschools.org
McCarthy, Cindy Preschool Teacher cmccarth@psdschools.org
McMillan, Emily Health Tech emcmillan@psdschools.org
Mitchell, Sara Assistant Principal smitchell@psdschools.org
Nagle, Laurel Third Grade Teacher lnagle@psdschools.org
Neal, Emarie Fourth Grade Teacher emarien@psdschools.org
Neal, Kendra Interventionist kneal@psdschools.org
Newman, Amanda First Grade Teacher newmana@psdschools.org
Orth, Janet Paraprofessional janeto@psdschools.org
Pasqua, Jenefer Integrated Services jpasqua@psdschools.org
Payton, Madoka Paraprofessional mpayton@psdschools.org
Peak, Jessica Kindergarten Teacher jpeak@psdschools.org
Perkins, Carolyn Fifth Grade Teacher cperkins@psdschools.org
Riches, Stephanie Second Grade Teacher sriches@psdschools.org
Robinson, Rhonda Head Custodian rrobinso@psdschools.org
Rodriguez, Aida Family Liaison hrodrigu@psdschools.org
Sedgwick, Shannell Interventionist ssedgwic@psdschools.org
Shafer, Ali Speech-Language Pathologist ashafer@psdschools.org
Shupe, Lacey Interventionist lshupe@psdschools.org
Sima, Kristin Preschool Teacher ksima@psdschools.org
Slavik, Kathi Preschool Teacher kslavik@psdschools.org
Smith, Kim Fourth Grade Teacher kismith@psdschools.org
So, Linda Paraprofessional lso@psdschools.org
Spiller, Kathleen High Density Tutor kspiller@psdschools.org
Taylor, Dillon English Language Acquisition dillont@psdschools.org
Testa, Heather Fifth Grade Teacher htesta@psdschools.org
Torres, Tom Media & Tech Instructor ttorres@psdschools.org
Triplett, Dustin Third Grade Teacher dtriplett@psdschools.org
Walter, Kelli Second Grade Teacher kwalter@psdschools.org
Warren, Tammy Kindergarten Teacher twarren@psdschools.org
Way, Rachel Paraprofessional rway@psdschools.org
Whitehead, Whitney Paraprofessional
Wiens, Carrie School Psychologist cwiens@psdschools.org
Williams, Kelly Third Grade Teacher kellyw@psdschools.org
Williams, Traci Paraprofessional twilliams@psdschools.org
Wold, Wanda Secretary wawold@psdschools.org
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.